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Post  xLethal Vixenx on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:28 am

Welcome to the first version of the photography thread!

This is the thread for us to 'show off' our Photography!

Open to anyone and everyone!

This thread is a great way to get motivated and get out there taking picture, it's a great thread filled with tons of knowledgeable photographers who are always willing to share and help each other out.

Be warned though, posting your images could lead to negative (and positive) feedback, but lets not take this too seriously. If you don't plan on posting anything in here and showing your work off, don't come in here and 'critique' it's not necessary. That being said if you don't want your work critiqued/modified or anything of the like just say so in your post when sharing.

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Post your photography XLETHAL+VIXENx
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